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Andres on the issues

I am a longtime Kitchener resident and I am passionate about seeing the city succeed. Municipal politics has the power to dramatically improve communities, making decisions on city infrastructure, transportation, and community spaces. Ward 5 is a community that is growing at a rapid pace and we must maximise the potential it has to be a vibrant and sustainable community. I have a vision for smart sustainable growth in Kitchener and these are the policy pillars of that vision.


Accessible and reliable public transportation has been a big focus for the region of Waterloo for the past few years but Ward 5 remains underserved and inaccessible. Ward 5 has many active and expansive developments and we need to make sure accessible public transportation is proportional to the Ward’s population. Active transportation is also important and providing pedestrians and cyclists with safe spaces while ensuring connectivity of bike lanes, paths, and trails is a priority for me.


Sustainability is incredibly important to me and as your councilor for Ward 5 I will work to make sure that the City of Kitchener takes climate change and environmental projects seriously. Our weather patterns are changing and planning for new developments and infrastructure needs to take into account increased flooding risks and more extreme temperature changes. We also need to take carbon reduction goals seriously and make safeguarding and expanding green spaces a priority.


Ward 5 is a strong family based community and it needs safe and thriving green spaces. The RBJ Schlegel Park will be a wonderful addition, and has the potential to act as the starting point for a Ward 5 community hub. As your councilor I will work to ensure the Park meets the needs of our community and is accessible and useful to all. Recreational spaces should include community centres, libraries, and locations for cultural exchange, and these spaces should be active and accessible to all ages, all year round.

Community Building

Kitchener has worked hard to build a vibrant community and I support projects that help foster a sense of community and belonging across the city and in individual communities. This includes community spaces and events that are accessible and inclusive, support for multicultural, local arts, and affordable spaces for community events. As we continue to grow it is also essential that we maintain a strong and sustained connection to our heritage, working to repurpose our historical spaces.

Community Safety

Ensuring that Ward 5 is a safe community is key to a healthy sustainable community. Community safety means effective traffic calming measures and safe spaces for kids to play in their neighbourhoods. It includes having infrastructure and policies in places so that people can get around safely without needing a personal vehicle. This includes transit routes that get you within a safe distance of your home, it means having well lit and separated pedestrian spaces between communities, and it means timely city-led snow clearing on streets and sidewalks.

Smart Growth

This region is growing quickly and it is important to ensure that decisions are being made to promote smart growth. This means building up instead of just out; making the best use of our city space and holding the country line. It means ensuring new constructions and renovations are sustainable and that we are building diverse types of housing, including an adequate number of affordable units. And it means planning for diverse transportation in all communities — leaving dedicated space for public transit and safe space for bikes and pedestrians.

About Andres

"City council should be the most accessible level of government. I want to prioritize your ideas, questions, and concerns"

Hi, I’m Andres Fuentes and I am running to be Ward 5’s representative on Kitchener City Council. I moved to Kitchener from Mexico City with my family when I was seven years old. I have grown up in this community and I am passionate about seeing it succeed.

I have a vision for a sustainable, livable, and growing Kitchener. Making this vision into a reality means ensuring infrastructure encourages active transportation, affordable housing, accessible community spaces, and ambitious environmental initiatives. I want to make sure Kitchener is focussed on smart growth and community building.

I ran in my first election as a student at the University of Waterloo. My position as the Vice President of Education for the Federation of Students launched a career in political advocacy, focussing on education and environmental reform. I have worked on numerous political campaigns, both locally and federally: working most recently to elect Laura Mae Lindo to Kitchener Centre.

I currently work as the CEO of the University of Waterloo’s student media organization: Imprint Publications, and the Editor in Chief of ECO, a policy newsletter for Climate Action Network International.

Kitchener has incredible potential and I am looking forward to unlocking key issues that affect Ward 5 every day.

Your city councillors should be your most accessible representatives and I want to run a campaign that listens to and is driven by your concerns and ideas.

Help get Andres elected!

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