Huron Natural Area and the Importance of Green Spaces


Ward 5 is a growing community filled with new families, new growth, and lots of green spaces. The Huron Natural Area is one of my favourite parts of the ward. Whether I am going for a run or just taking a stroll around the trails, it’s a great space to relax. It’s one of the green jewels in our city and one of the things that attracted me to living here. It’s a gathering space for the community, somewhere I run into neighbours and meet new people.

Green spaces play important roles in our cities. Trees can improve the air quality, provide shade, lower the temperature around them, and beautify the area. We’ve faced a warm summer where my air conditioner has worked almost every day: mature trees and other vegetation can help lower the need for air conditioning and also make playing outside in the summer more bearable on those hot muggy days.

The new South Kitchener Park and recreation facility being built at Huron and Fischer Hallman will be a wonderful addition to our growing community. I was to ensure that this project is carried out sustainably and that the community is properly consulted. This park has the potential to be more than an exemplary green space; it has the potential to be a central community space for all ages and a great recreational space year-round.

Our area is full of young families who make great use of the small playgrounds scattered around our neighbourhoods. I want to ensure that new developments have lots of green areas and that we maintain our playgrounds and parks, ensuring they are safe, fun, and accessible spaces for everyone.

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